Give me a childhood again and I will live

as owls do, in the moss and curvature

Of nightfall,
But never really seen,

                                              -John Burnside

As a child, I would often sleep with the TV on so that when I woke I wasn't startled by darkness. I could see the room, make sure I was alone. The fuzzy faces on the screen provided some strange comfort. But often that comfort wouldn’t last. 

From Silence searches for the quiet, the voids, the other-worldly.  In this work, I roam at dusk amidst the darkening landscape. Almost habitually, whether walking or driving, I am searching. I look for scenes that haunt me or bring to mind faded memories. This is coupled with me confronting questions that seep from my childhood. I force myself to face the disquiet that lies within me. All the while, I gaze into the tension of my past and my children’s future.